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Updates from Jim

Hello there!  I have been neg­li­gent about post­ing things on this blog, and I will tell you why.  Our won­der­ful folks over at Big Mon­key Group, who update our web­site for us, gave me this email that they thought would be easy to remem­ber, because I had worked with Carol Chan­ning.  It is a phrase, but with all the caps and num­bers used, I very sel­dom get it right and am always ask­ing them to help me.  I think I have it now. At least until the next time I attempt to update this blog.

First of all, you are all going to love THE RITZ. I go way back with this show, see­ing it for the first time on its open­ing night on Broad­way in 1975.  Ter­rence McNally wrote this play, which in itself is great, as he is fan­tas­tic. The cast was headed by Jack Weston, Rita Moreno and F. Mur­ray Abra­ham.  I laughed until I couldn’t breathe! Dur­ing the year that the play ran, I saw it 15 times, and laughed every sin­gle time.  The movie was NOT good, so please don’t judge the play by the movie. It is Rated R, for lan­guage and adult situations.…it takes place in a gay bath house, for heaven’s sake.  These do not exist any­more in New York City, but in the 70’s they were very pop­u­lar.  In fact, Bette Midler used to do her night club act at the Con­ti­nen­tal Baths at mid­night on the week­ends. At the time, she was play­ing the role of Tzei­tel on Broad­way in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. After the show, she would hail a cab and go to do her out­ra­geous night­club act at the baths.  Barry Manilow was her musi­cal direc­tor at the time. There was a cabaret in the baths that was shut off from the bath activ­i­ties.  Bette was such a hit and every­body was com­ing to see her there, includ­ing the likes of Jackie Kennedy Onas­sis. From there the rest is his­tory, where Bette’s career is con­cerned. So this play, is a take off on those times, and Goo­gie Gomez is THE RITZ’s Bette Midler…but she’s not very good.  DON’T MISS IT!

ANYTHING GOES is just start­ing rehearsals, and is going to be a fun show. Cole Porter’s tunes are clas­sics, and it is going to be hijinks on the high seas.  More to come on that later!

As you know, I will be retir­ing at the end of June. I have had 8 won­der­ful years here at the helm of SCT.  Kevin Costello will be replac­ing me, and he is the per­fect choice.  I’m his biggest fan, next to his wife and boys. He is smart, fun, extremely tal­ented, knowl­edge­able, and really knows his stuff.  I am so happy to wel­come him to the SCT fam­ily, and I am sure he will have everyone’s sup­port. He deserves it.  I am still going to be around, so you will still see me around. I am direct­ing FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and DOUBT next season.

I have made many great friends here at the the­atre, and it has been a pleasure .


THE RITZ directed by Richard R. Garvin

May 1st-19th, 2013