42ND STREET — Part III in the Series

This is Part III in a four part 42ND STREET blog series by Jim Cole­man. Part IV, “The Cast” will be pub­lished on Sat­ur­day, May 21.

Brian Scott John­son — The cre­ative artist and Set Designer for 42ND STREET

I am thrilled with our 42ND STREET com­pany here at SCT. I am very priv­i­leged to have Eve­lyn Bar­ney as chore­o­g­ra­pher. She is a tap dancer extra­or­dinare, and teaches at Elaine Ori­mos’ Stock­ton Bal­let School. Elaine has been very gen­er­ous in pro­vid­ing us with rehearsal space when we can’t use the the­atre because of the show cur­rently on stage. Brian Scott John­son is design­ing the set, which is very tricky. With the size of our stage it is some­times dif­fi­cult to adapt a huge show to our space. It takes some­one who is very cre­ative and clever and can do an awful lot with­out an awful lot of money. The LA pro­duc­tion cost about $3,000,000.00 to pro­duce. Our pro­duc­tion will cost about $35,000.00, which is the most we can spend on a big musi­cal. Cathy Hast­ings and Maria Bech­told have taken on the huge job of cos­tum­ing this show. I love work­ing with them because they are cre­ative, have great taste, and take great pride in what they do. Terry Smith, our res­i­dent Tech­ni­cal Direc­tor, and his assis­tant, Jes­sica Wallin, are build­ing this pro­duc­tion for us. They are the best around and I have the utmost respect for both of them. Terry is also the Light­ing Designer for the show.

Be sure to check back at News & Cues Online on Sat­ur­day for the final install­ment about this series, “The Cast.”

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