A Call for HELP!

The Wal­mart Chaise lounge.

Our ever indus­tri­ous Director-Actress Elaine Sac­ulla has put out the word that she needs a “tra­di­tional” Chaise lounge as a prop for both 42ND Street and I Do, I Do. She is hav­ing a hard time find­ing one. Do you have one in your garage, or do you have a source? We could buy this one from Wal­mart, but it’s a lit­tle steep at $399 plus tax! Color and exact style do not nec­es­sar­ily need to be the same. If you can help, please email the Mar­ket­ing Direc­tor at marketing@sctlivetheatre.com, or just talk to Elaine.

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