Directed by Jim Cole­man
Chore­o­graphed by Eve­lyn Barney

Bob Wal­lace… Shaun Baker
Phil Davis…James Reed
Betty Haynes…Lydia Merriam-Pigg
Judy Haynes…Tiffany Davis
Gen­eral Henry Waverly…Stephen Orr
Martha Watson…Peggy Coleman

Susan Waverly…Rachel Foley
Ralph Sheldrake…Christopher Mar­tin
Rita…Melissa Esau
Rhoda…Terra Fear­rand
Ezekiel Foster…David Bald­win
Mike…Jeremy Han­nonEnsem­ble
Terra Fear­rand
Melissa Esau
Christina Slocum
Sarah May
Francesca Poeschel
Jeanette Cum­mings
Stef­fany Jar­rettMiguel Chi­cas
Joaquin Lewis lll
Joseph Toon
Bill Yee
Josh Litfin
Levi Fuentes
Jeremy Stegmann

Cathy Ettle
Josh Landin
Romy Evans
Jessie Smith
Kevin Webster

Ensem­ble Roles

Tessie/Assistant Seamstress…Sarah May
Jimmy…Bill Yee
Cig­a­rette Girl…Francesca Poeschl
Mrs. Snor­ing Man/Seamstress…Jessie Smith
Train Conductor…Levi Fuentes
Dance Captain…Christina Slocum
Ed Sul­li­van Announcer…Joseph Toon

The first read­ing will be MONDAY, Sep­tem­ber 16, at 6:30 at the theatre.
Cos­tume mea­sure­ments will be on TUESDAY, Sep­tem­ber 17, start­ing at 6:30. Every­one will be sched­uled in 10 minute incre­ments, and you  sign up at the readthru.
I am so thrilled with each and every one of you.  I think we are going to have a grand time.
Jim Cole­man


The audi­tion process is in full swing. Tonight is the call­backs, and cast­ing choices will be made. There are no call­backs for the ensem­ble. We saw what we needed dur­ing the two nights of audi­tions. Tonight is for prin­ci­ple roles and smaller roles.  Look here tomor­row for the full cast list!!!

Music for Callbacks for WHITE CHRISTMAS

WHITE CHRISTMAS audi­tions are com­ing up on Sep­tem­ber 9th and 10th with call­backs on the 11th.  All audi­tions will be at 6:30 at the The­atre.  If you are called back, there will be songs from the show that you will be asked to sing. The songs have been cho­sen by char­ac­ter, so it might be a good idea to famil­iar­ize your­self with these songs.  They are all avail­able through www.musicnotes.com.  You can also choose the key that you would like the song in by click­ing on “trans­pose”  The fol­low­ing list are the songs by char­ac­ter and the keys that they are in.

BobHOW DEEP IS THE OCEAN…Key of D (2 sharps).….BettyLOVE, YOU DIDN’T DO RIGHT BY ME…Key of E-flat (3 flats).…PhilI LOVE A PIANO…(Key of D flat (5 flats)…Judy…SISTERS…Key of A (3 sharps).…Martha and SusanLET ME SING AND I’M HAPPY…Martha, Key of E flat (3 flats).…Susan, Key of G (1 sharp)

Look­ing for­ward to see­ing lots of folks at the auditions.



WHITE CHRISTMAS Auditions, September 9th and 10th at 6:30pm.

Lots of peo­ple have been ask­ing me about Irv­ing Berlin songs to sing for audi­tions. There are many that are musi­cal the­atre stan­dards, but here are a few char­ac­ter spe­cific choices that you may make:
For Bob and Phil:
White Christ­mas
Let Your­self Go
How Deep is the Ocean?
Blue Skies
For Betty:
Love, You Didn’t Do Right Be Me
For Judy:
I Love a Piano
For Martha:
Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun
Let Me Sing and I’m Happy
For Susan:
Let Me Sing and I’m Happy

You don’t have to sing one of these songs, how­ever for the lead roles, it wouldn’t hurt. We will prob­a­bly be using them for call­backs. They are all on the cast album, which is avail­able from www.amazon.com
For all other roles, any Irv­ing Berlin song would be great!
Look­ing for­ward to see­ing lots of folks at the audi­tions.
Remem­ber, Bring sheet music or CD. NO HAPPY BIRTHDAY’S WILL BE ALLOWED! Be pre­pared to dance, jazz and tap. 42ND STREET tap­pers, come on down!!!!!  ALL ARE WELCOME!

Jim Cole­man
Artis­tic Director






The open­ing show of the 2012–2013 sea­son is the clas­sic musi­cal, GREASE!  The com­pany is in full rehearsals for a Sep­tem­ber 5th opening.

Here is the cast list!
Danny…Ian Trueb
Sandy…Jessica Smith
Kenickie…Matt Sac­ulla
Rizzo…Holly Halay
Roger…Christoher Mar­tin
Marty…Tiffany Davis
Doody…Colton Har­ris
Frenchy…Lydia Merriam-Pigg
Sonny…Joaquin Lewis III
Jan…Katy Uyeno
Eugene…Brandon Chaf­fin
Patty…Taylor Carnes
Johnny Casino/Teen Angel…Kevin Web­ster
Cha Cha…Lynsie Haley
Vince Fontaine, Grady Tay­lor
Miss Lynch…Sheri Garland

Directed by Joseph Toon (debut), Chore­og­ra­phy by Terra Fear­rand (debut), and Musi­cal Direc­tion by Jim Coleman.…Sets and light­ing by Terry Smith and Elsa Ful­ton is cos­tum­ing the show.

For tick­ets, call the Box Office at (209) 473‑2424