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Inside the Script

stockton civic theatre

Inside the Script

SCT’s Script Reading Club

Join us for a series of discussions about the plays, traditions, styles, and stories of contemporary and traditional theatre. Inside the Script is an opportunity to experience new plays, discuss theatre with audience members and theatre artists, and reconnect with the theatre community.

Upcoming dates:

May 11: Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn

In each monthly session, we’ll:

• Share reactions to the month’s play

• Do a “table read,” re-reading selected scenes

• Join in discussion about the play’s themes, stories, characters, theatrical traditions, style, and ideas

• Share questions and interpretations about the play’s meaning for us

• Build an understanding of what makes these plays what they are

• Get insight into the artists’ creative process

Each session will be facilitated by theatre artist and educator John Thiel, MFA. To register for FREE, visit

NOTE: For each session, you will need to purchase and read the script beforehand.

You can purchase your copy of Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play from Concord Theatricals or Amazon

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